The Executive Division is headed by the Director General, at present Ambassador Amena Yauvoli of Fiji and supported by the Deputy Director General, at present Mr Peter Eafeare of Papua New Guinea.

The main areas of responsibility involve;

  • provision of Leadership and oversight of the administration of the Secretariat’s operations and work programme,
  • monitor the implementation of the Secretariat’s Corporate Plan and oversee performance and evaluation,
  • prepare and finalise the Annual Report and Budget of the Secretariat,
  • convene the meetings of the Governing Bodies in consultation with the MSG Chair,
  • regular and ongoing dialogue with members, and
  • regular and ongoing contact with regional and international partners

The oversight responsibilities of this Division covers the Programmes Division and the Operations Division. These are;

Programmes Division

  • Governance & Political
  • Trade & Investment
  • Economic Development
  • Sustainable Development

 Operations Division

  • Corporate Services
  • IT/Website Officer
  • Personnel & Administration
  • Executive Officer/Divisional Assistant
  • Accounts Clerk,
  • Other ancillary staff

The Director General as Head of the Secretariat ensures that the Vision as adopted by MSG Leaders on 20th June 2013 and articulated in the MSG 2038 Prosperity for All Plan is maintained, sustained and enhanced through the various programmes and activities that are implemented by the Secretariat.

In the implementation of its work activities, the Division ensures that each of the Programmes carry out their annual work plan effectively and efficiently, keeping in mind the vision that, these are contributing to achieving “an MSG Community that is strong, integrated, enlightened, happy, prosperous, secure and caring"

The Director General with the support of the Deputy Director General and the professional and support staff of the Secretariat ensures that there is awareness regularly on the MSG 2038 Prosperity Plan for All, Outstanding Leaders’ mandates are reviewed and appropriate actions taken and progressive reports are provided to members either through formal meetings and regular visits to capitals.

What is also critically important is the constant and regular updates and consultations with the Chair of MSG at regular intervals and on an as and when required basis.

It is also important that the MSG Secretariat accentuates its distinction as having a Melanesian identity that promotes and enhances;

  • consensus building,
  • closer collaboration,
  • investing in human capital,
  • fostering SMEs participation in regional and global economy,
  • building sustainable and resilient communities,
  • enhancing regional integration, and
  • promoting partnership with business and civil society

From time to time MSG expertise maybe requested by member countries. Particularly this year the Director General was engaged by the Fiji government to assist with COP 23 matters by supporting the Presidency of Fiji. Given that climate change matters are critical to the wider region, especially in the MSG sub-region it was critical that he attended to this task. He will be furnishing a report of his engagement to the Governing Bodies of MSG at their next meeting.

Activity updates  

Director General

  • Support COP 23 Presidency;
  • Regional Security Strategy;
  • UNGA;
  • Bali Democracy Process;

Deputy Director General

  • Consultations on dates for Leaders’ Summit with PNG;
  • Presentation of MSG Observer Group report on PNG 2017 Elections to TIPNG;
  • Attendance of PNG UNITECH 181st Council Meeting;
  • Attending to opening of Technical meetings on Tourism and Airlines, ATT, Fisheries;
  • Receiving dignitaries at the Secretariat on behalf of the Director General
  • Providing an overview of the organisation to visiting University students.