In recent months, the Secretariat has been working on reformatting its website and I’m pleased that the new-look website is up and running and already receiving very positive feedback from users, some of them high level users, within a short period of time since the new format was constructed earlier this year.  This is a welcome gesture which adds to the social capital of the MSG and acknowledges the commitment of the Secretariat to conduct its business with the best tools and systems.  The new website is a testament to the Secretariat’s desire to deliver high standards of service for its members. 

The capabilities of the website as an information sharing tool will be strengthened over time and will eventually include uploading of meeting papers and documents at secured pages in the website.  This will significantly improve the dispatch of papers and documents, save on communication costs and reduce paper usage.

It is a whole of organization responsibility to populate the website so that it is reliable and up to date. Quality control on information for the website is provided by the Directors and website support work is provided by the IT and Media Officers.  Funds permitting, the Secretariat will be considering recruiting an Information Officer whose responsibilities will among others include populating the website.

Meantime, I’m pleased to convey the gratitude of the organization to Mr Cainton Milroy, our part-time IT Officer, for successfully initiating and completing the re-construction of the website and helping with populating it.  In the same vein, I offer thanks to the Director Corporate Services, Mr Jean-Pierre Nirua, and Mrs Lora Naupati for assisting with the re-construction of the website.  We now have an acceptable website which is receiving good reviews from the public and certainly, a good demonstration of our commitment for professionalism.

 Mr. Peter Forau
Former Director General, MSG Secretariat
21 Sept 2011 - 31 December 2015

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