The Director General is responsible for the overall management of the Secretariat assisted by four divisional Directors.  This responsibility comes with certain obligations and authorities.  Foremost is the obligation to ensure the Secretariat is financially sound as a going concern and that it has the capacity to continue to function effectively in the service of its members.  There is also an obligation to ensure the assets and resources of the Secretariat are properly looked after and they are kept in a condition that assures functionality and durability.  

Decisions regarding expenditure of funds and day-to-day administrative requirements of the Secretariat are delegated authority and are conferred on the Director General by the Governing Body.  This also includes the authority to recruit staff up to the Deputy Director General. 

To assist with administrative decision-making, I have established an Executive Management Meeting that meets regularly to discuss and decide on a range of issues.  Since taking up office in September 2011, we have had eight Executive Management Meeting which amounts to a meeting a month.  As a start this is probably not a bad  beginning but going forward, there should be regular meetings  and I plan to improve the frequency to a meeting every second week. All Directors are members of the Executive Committee Meeting which I chair as Director General.  When finance and budget issues are on the agenda, the Manager Finance is asked to attend. 

To give all professional staff exposure to the organizational developments, every professional staff has a turn in attending the Management meetings as minute takers.  Once approved and finalized, the minutes are circulated to all staff to keep them abreast of what is happening and the decisions that have been taken.  Specific decisions that have a direct impact on staff or individual staff are kept confidential and usually communicated privately to those concerned.

Feedback to management decisions are encouraged through the respective Divisional Directors.

To involve staff more broadly in the overall management of the Secretariat, committees have been established when required which involve staff as members to consider and work through certain issues.  There is a Finance and Budget Committee that looks at the organization’s financial matters while the formation of a Corporate Planning Committee is underway that will see staff being part of a committee to develop a Corporate Plan for the organization for the next 3 years.  Also a committee is being established that will involve staff to coordinate the preparations and planning for the 25th Anniversary celebrations in 2013.

We have also involved staff in committees that have been established to coordinate preparations for eminent visitors to the Secretariat.  This year we have had two such committees that oversaw preparations for visits to the Secretariat by the Political Bureau of the FLNKS and the MSG Chair, Prime Minister of Fiji, in February and March 2012 respectively.  

My aim is to have inclusive management that provides opportunities for Directors and Staff to participate in decision-making.  This way I believe we can develop an informed team and engender good cooperation that can only serve to make the Secretariat a stronger and alert organization.  

Mr. Peter Forau
Former Director General, MSG Secretariat
21 Sept 2011 - 31 December 2015

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