Governance and Political Affairs are important pillars under the “MSG 2038 Prosperity for All Plan”. The purpose of the Governance and Political Affairs (GPA) Division is to develop policies and provide advice on governance, political and security affecting the MSG sub-region, as well as managing annual Work Programme and Activities. 

The main areas of responsibility involve the provision of appropriate policy advice consistent with the Agreement establishing the MSG and other international norms, assessing the political situation in member countries/territories and within the sub-region, 

assessing peace and security needs and formulating policies to strengthen the current governance, political and security framework amongst members.

Events in the sub-region have also necessitated the need to explore and develop Melanesian way of resolving disputes through reconciliation and common understanding. Obviously, concerted efforts are required to advance this objective.

This area of work is particularly very significant given that MSG is often criticised for its weak political systems of governance, political instability and law and order challenges. In addition, emerging transnational security issues such as arms, drugs and human smuggling, illegal fishing, etc had dictated the need for the Secretariat to develop appropriate security policies to address this kind of activities.

In the implementation of our work activities, the Division endeavours to network with members, regional and international organizations to ensure fundamental principles of governance and political stability as identified under the MSG 2038 prosperity for All Plan are maintained and achieved. The programme recognised the benefits that MSG will gain from networking with established organisations such as the United Nations, European Union, Commonwealth and Pacific Islands Forum on governance systems, security arrangements, conflict resolution and general practices of international law.


In summary, the Programme is responsible for achieving the following strategies:

GPA Strategies


All Programme planned activities seek to implement the main priorities under the Plan and the designated Corporate Plan (2018-2020) towards shared visions of political stability, lasting peace and unity

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